A drop in center is a supportive and judgment-free place where survivors of human trafficking and the commercial sex trade can go to experience an atmosphere of acceptance and be introduced to social support in a normalizing environment.


Sojourn Landing is a drop in center. Based in Houston, we assist survivors of human trafficking and the commercial sex trade by meeting basic needs and sharing resources with them. Our intention is to meet people where they are—wherever that may be—and support them throughout their journey.


Drop in centers are a place to find love–a place to find respite–a place to simply be.


We live out the most powerful force in all the universe—love—God’s complete unyielding, unconditional, unselfish love.

Social Equity

We affirm that everyone and everything exists because of Him; therefore, we aim to create a fair, just and healthy culture of inclusion, diversity and empowerment.


We commit to walking out truthful, transparent, dignified relationships with those who have been entrusted into our sphere.

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In order to faithfully execute our mission, each person who walks through our door needs your prayer. In working with those in bondage to human trafficking and the commercial sex trade, it is critical that we have dedicated prayer partners.

You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.
- William Wilberforce